Saturday, March 2, 2019

Simple yet Practice Solution to Kashmir issue.

There is a very simple solution to Kashmir issue, but we will have to be very rational to accept this proposal.  Currently India has around 50% of the Jammu and Kashmir land, however, in our map we project as if 100% of the land is with us.  Do we face any problem for not having 50% of the J&K with us, absolutely not!

The war in Kashmir has cost us billions of dollars since independence, which could have been better utilized otherwise.  It has also cost us lakhs of valuable lives.  Supposing if there was no issue with our neighbor Pakistan and Kashmir our GDP could have easily grown at the rate of 10% annually and we could have cut our defense budget more than 30%, which is pretty huge!

Kashmir has turned white elephant to India and India is spending a huge amount of money just to appease inhabitants of Kashmir with absolutely zero returns, but only pain.

The solution would be, let us bring our military presence in Kashmir to zero, but we should have total presence of Indian military in Jammu.  Let the people of Kashmir do whatever they want to do.  We need to be careful about one thing that Pakistan does not claim that piece of land.  In all probability Kashmir will declare independence, so be it!

Even if Kashmir declares itself as a free country, we should still continue to use Kashmir in our Indian maps and should declare Kashmir is integral part of India.  We have been including the parts of Kashmir which is not in our control in our maps since past 70 years and are happy about the shape of Indian map.

By doing so, immediately we will find far more time to concentrate on other important issues plaguing the country.  However, that would not be the case of Pakistan.  Pakistan will probably change the narrative and try to get part of now independent Kashmir and would continue its dirty games in Kashmir, but that would be none of our business.

The people of Kashmir are totally deluded by their faith, equally so people of Pakistan.  It has not worked well for secular India in the past 70 years and it will not work well for India in the future thousands of years.  So, let us not waste time and money on unnecessary Kashmir.

Sunday, September 24, 2017